AdvEn Incorporated

Our Mission:

To create value through the commercialization of carbon-centric advanced technologies utilizing industrial waste, converting refinery residues into non-combustible products for energy storage, and maintaining a clean environment.

At AdvEn, we have an ambitious plan to become one of the world’s leading producers of carbon-based precursors for the supercapacitor, battery and industrial filtration industries. As a North American supplier/manufacturer, we are committed to maintaining a nimble culture centered on innovation, inclusiveness and unconditional positive regard.


Founded in Alberta, Canada, which has the fourth largest oil reserve in the world, we are close to completion on a 36,000 square foot Advanced Super Activated Carbon (ASAC) production facility, Electrode Super Adhesive Coating (ESAC) pilot, and research laboratory. Expected to be finished by the end of 2022, this facility will produce up to 1,300 tonnes of high-grade ASAC, house our ESAC pilot project and provide quality assurance, research and development laboratories.


We start by taking residues from refineries, destined as asphalt for our roads, coking for steel, fuel oil, and other low-value uses, and establish non-combustible solutions for new energy development and filtration media.

Independent analysis of our ASAC process shows that it produces 1/18 of the GHG emissions produced by other manufacturers of super activated carbon and our lab tests show superior charge, discharge and energy/effluent storage attributes.

Once our hybrid physical and chemical activation processes are complete, our tests show that the liquid waste stream provides an excellent concentrated fertilizer. We are partnering with local agriculture organizations for further testing of the potential to commercialize this.

From our most senior professionals to our newest hire, our team is committed to sustainability. Our culture of technology, innovation and sustainability threads through all aspects of our business – from the Ph.Ds in our laboratory, through our engineering team, to our manufacturing team on the plant floor. Add to that the fact that we are nimble, creative and supportive.