Advanced Energy &
Environmental Technologies


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We produce carbon precursors for use in advanced technologies such as supercapacitors, modern batteries,
pharmaceutical manufacturing and industrial filtration. Our development is based on a “3P” platform:


Our proprietary and patented technology substantially increases the performance of activated carbons. We believe our superior performance, competitive pricing and substantial increase in environmental sustainability is changing the carbon precursor game.

Patented Technologies

Our patented Advanced Super Activated Carbon (“ASAC”) technology converts many low-value by-products from petroleum and other industries into high-value activated carbon products. Our second patented technology – Electrode Super Adhesive Coating or “ESAC” is a dry coating electrode-making process for both super-capacitators and batteries, delivering a complete and advanced supply chain from industrial wastes to energy storage devices.


At AdvEn, we are committed to a culture of learning and growth. Through exceptional leadership, flexible work, and a continuous investment in people and systems, AdvEn fosters an environment where diversity and creativity thrive.

Advanced Super Activated Carbon Manufacturing and Development Facility

Currently, we’re nearing completion of an Advanced Super Activated Carbon manufacturing and development facility in Nisku, Alberta, Canada.


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  • December 6, 2023 (Calgary, AB) –AdvEn, a leading material technology and manufacturing company, has inked a significant Contribution Agreement with Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA), securing $2 million in funding for its pioneering project, "Pilot Production of Electrodes for Energy Storage Systems on Industrial-scale Equipment via a Transformative Dry Process.”

  • October 30, 2023, (Calgary, AB) – AdvEn Industries Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AdvEn Inc., received its occupancy permit today from the County of Leduc for its advanced super activated carbon (“ASAC”) manufacturing plant in Nisku, Alberta.

  • AdvEn Inc. (AdvEn) has been granted a U.S. patent protecting the dry electrode formula and manufacturing process that underpin its Electrode Super Adhesive Coating (ESAC) technology.